Our first planting of our ‘wild flower meadow’

Our first planting of our ‘wild flower meadow’

By |2018-12-29T18:24:38+00:00July 7th, 2011|S.M.J. Nature Reserve|

Growing wild flowers on an old railway line you may think would be easy. It is not! David has removed tons of ballast, roots of nettles, elder, Woody & Black Nightshade, Docks, chopped down Hawthorn & Elder. This was replaced with grade 2 reconstituted top soil to mix in with the ash bed. Flower seeds were purchased mixed with cereal seeds, but the cereals were taken by the Pigeons!

Now we have Wild flowers in abundance! The best time to see this lovely sight is in morning sunshine as bees, butterflies and insects converge on it.

This Autumn they will seed themselves and it is our decision to leave the grass seed out as it seems the wildflowers can be eventually choked as grass takes over. If anything we will put in extra cornflower and similar blue/mauve bee loving annuals. Grass can be sewn in other areas.

On the south facing side we have planted Buddleia which bees love and which will continue flowering until late summer.

We are putting in Perennials on the higher embankment, in autumn, which has heavier soil.. This will include Evening Primrose, Elder, Foxgloves, Dog roses, Weld, Scabious, and other suitable perennials.

Hedging is made up of existing Hawthorn & wild Privet etc.

Trees on our 1/2 mile stretch of old railway line include, Oak, Field Maple, Walnut, Willow, Elder, Hawthorn, Buckthorn.

The pictures below were taken July 2011.