The Railway Becomes a Nature Reserve!

The Railway Becomes a Nature Reserve!

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Firstly, during July 2014 my cousin and husband came down from Scotland and put their Lepidoptery skills to use. During our 3 night mothing experience we found a nationally rare moth called Waved Black – this was amazing news for us.

Late Autumn, Lepidopterist David C.G. Brown, author of `Larger Moths of Warwickshire` and a representative of Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire, came to inspect our wildlife corridor. He was suitably impressed and organised the Warwickshire Annual Moth Count here in July this year. He suggested we name our Nature Reserve!

So, we are now the proud owners of `The SMJ Nature Reserve` Cranhill! SMJ stands for the Stratford Midland Junction – the name of the railway line that used to run here. The last train to use the track ran in July 1965 – and we were there to see it!

This April, Butterfly Conservation Warwickshire expert Mike Slater is coming to inspect our flora and fauna and will hopefully be giving us some conservation advice too.