Self Catering Closure2019-05-24T12:35:28+00:00


We regret to inform our visitors that the `Little Haven` Self-Catering Apartment will be closed for the foreseeable future. The present website address will stay the same, focused on the `Nature Reserve Project`.

It was June 2008 when our first visitors came. Our visitors` book is full of wonderful memories and delightful comments left by you. We have enjoyed the journey. We hope you have too.

Our 4.5 acres, although comparably small, has become a very important part of our lives with ever increasing demands upon us to keep it looking as it should. Now we will have time and space to grow old gracefully, with less responsibility. And maybe, we will have the opportunity to visit family & friends more often.

Thank you all for being such lovely visitors here and we hope some of you will still keep in touch with us – even if it is to inquire about the Nature Reserve progress! Anyone passing would be welcome for a cuppa with us. (Please phone first though 🙂 !)

By the way, my left knee replacement was successful! At least I can get some jobs up to date this year!